Friday, May 19, 2006

Gareths fridge magnet.

Gareths pre-school asked the Mums to send in a photo to be made into a Mothers Day magnet. It was part of their fundraising, so in he went with a cute photo of himself a good fortnight ahead of the day. I was waiting with baited breath to be given it on Mothers day
......But, no magnet???

Of course I was not supposed to know about it so how can I ask where it is? Maybe Byron was given it to look after? No, he hadn't a clue (what's new!) I searched all the pockets in Gar's pre-school rucksack, still no sign of it. I asked the pre-school this week if they still had it and they searched but no luck. They were very apologetic but said that they had used up all their magnet kit so no chance of a replacement one. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. The only Mum without a magnet of her kid on the fridge. I drowned my sorrows in a bit of well overdue housework and felt more than a little stupid when I found a little gold wrapped shape on the floor of the shoe cupboard.... Yes, the much wanted magnet!

Poor Gareth didn't have a clue what was going on when I gave him this little wrapped up present with its red foil ribbon only to snatch it back immediately! He just looked bemused as I ripped the tissue open and squealed with delight at my overdue gift. Without further delay Gar stuck it on the fridge and sat back down infront of The Wiggles looking puzzled but happy.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to tell the lovely ladies in Pre-school that the magnet turned up....Without admitting my housekeeping skills are not crash-hot!

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