Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Joe!

It is my brother Joes birthday this weekend. We had our birthday celebration with him when he came up to the lake recently. We all went out for a birthday breakfast to a local cafe and gave him his gifts as we knew we wouldn't be seeing him on his actual birthday. The kids really enjoyed seeing his excitement and reaction to their gifts.

It is the first time they have been able to give him his gifts face to face as normally they have been posted from the UK. Having gone to all that effort to be organised in advance we have now been invited to a friends child's birthday party in Sydney on Sunday morning - Joes birthday!!!

This is also Australian Mothers day so bang goes my lie-in. I have tried asking Mr B if we can bring it forward to the Saturday but he isn't being very accommodating......I better get a great mothers day present to make up!!!

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  1. Who's the handsome looking fella?

  2. Geez your borthers a looker