Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Help! Where's my woolly knickers?......

We have finally realized that Australia is not hot all year round and that loads of my woolly jumpers I gave to the charity shops before I left the UK would actually have been worth bringing! The houses are generally built to try to stay cool in the heat but have no ability to keep warm in the cooler weather. The house is about 15-16 degrees most mornings and because of all the tiled floors it feels very chilly. We have all bought slippers, even Mr B (although that is supposed to be a secret!)

What worries me is that it is only Autumn so what is going to happen over the next few months when Winter approaches?! We have already seen kids in buggies wrapped up in scarves and gloves and the supermarkets have got a whole aisle of winter woollies including thermal vests!!!

When we first arrived there were a lot of people who would look at us gasping in the heat of a spring day and would laugh and say "Is it hot enough for you?.....Just you wait, you ain't seen nothing yet....." They would smile with a bit of a evil grin and we would feel like the laugh was on us. We soon learned that if it is stupid hot (40+ degrees) then you just sit inside an air conditioned house, cinema or shopping center and do nothing, no housework, no laundry, no cooking, wait another day till the wind changed and then catch up with life again,
.....and so we survived our first summer.

We were feeling very smug until the same evil grins have been showing up since Autumn arrived and we have been hearing "Is it cool enough for you?.....Just you wait, you ain't seen nothing yet...."

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  1. It was 11 degrees this morning in Sydney. Brrrrr.