Monday, May 08, 2006


Sian and Rhiannon have been swept up in the latest Oz craft...Scrapbooking!

They get out all their scissors, sequins, glue sticks, coloured paper, photos etc and decorate a 12"x12" page and then slide them into an album that looks very like the old fashioned photo albums from when I was a kid.

They love it and it forms a kind of colourful diary of fun things they have done....

We recently had an afternoon in our house where a few of their friends came around and sat around the table and did a page each. It was a crazy mess of colour but they had a ball and did some beautiful pages. I think we would love to do it again but poor Mr B was locked in his office with his iPod on full volume so it may be some time before we are allowed to set another date.....!

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