Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day

I think the hinting/nagging paid off....!!!

Mothers day did indeed start early for me this year.

Byron and the girls disapeared mid morning on Sat and came back with lots of lovely flowers for me. Then we had a lovely lunch out in Secret Corner Cafe (this seems to be becoming our local as it is so lovely and just down the road from where we will build our new house)

On Sunday we had an early start off to Sydney. Before we left I managed to get a quick cup of tea in bed and the kids ran in very excited with lumpy parcels wrapped in computer paper and LOTS of sellotape! I got some lovely passionfruit soap, floating candles and a sparkly key ring. Mr B really broke the bank this year with a huge rock........

......Not the diamond variety but a big chunk of rose quartz that has a well for a tea light in it. It looks amazing when the candle is lit.

15 manic minutes later and we were all dressed and in the car heading for Sydney for Bens birthday party. The kids had a ball being entertained by some very enthusiastic childrens sports organisers.

Back to Charles and Sues house for birthday cake and fairy bread (white bread + butter and lots of colourful hundreds and thousands sprinkled on it, the kids love it and it is traditional party food here in Oz.) Had a good discussion with Charles as to its nutritious value, Tried to reason that it might not be too much worse than strawberry jam but then decided we were being ridicuolous- it is obviously awful for them but isn't that what parties are all about!

After Bens party we got a bus into Sydney and went to the National Maritime Museum and the kids had a great time wandering around the Viking exhibition. It was very hands on and the kids (including Mr B) had fun trying on viking helmets. A great afternoons entertainment and free too.

We had a lovely cappucino and blueberry cheesecake overlooking the harbour then headed back to the Queen Victoria Building to catch our bus. Made it to the correct bus stop with about 2 minutes to spare when Byron realized he only had a $50 note. Didn't think the bus driver would be too impressed so made him dash across a busy road into a book shop to by a newspaper and get some change. Watched him run frantically around the shop as the bus was pulling up and shouted at him to hurry up...He came racing back with a bag under his arm, turns out they didn't sell newspapers so he bought me another Mothers Day present......

.....A mug!

Lovely! What Mothers day is complete without a tacky gift - At least I didn't get slippers!

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  1. Just heading into our summer and you will be pleased to know Byron that we have not turned our heating off yet and it is 25th May? Droughts are forecast but it has not stopped raining here for 2 weeks and I mean really raining. Got a safari dinner party planned in Woodland ave for sunday with 15 adults and 16 kids but we will be all incredibly drenched if it does not pick up. Alan and I desperately saving up to visit Austaralia next year as it will probably be our last summer of 9 week holidays (change of contracts puts us down to 6 weeks, shame I know)so we would like to plan a round the world trip and who better to drop in on for a couple of days but our lovely ex neighbours!!
    Quite like the idea of cool weather as the temps you have been talking about would crucify me, mush prefer Nordic climes I am incredibly jealous of your fab life and so glad that it is working out for you. Still enjoying reading your updates and you will be pleased to know that you were censored by our firewall for a little while until I explained to my bosses what it was all about!! Racy Baynhams I think not although going off that smoochy photo of you both perhaps so! It's not allowed you have been married too long and beside British (and Irish)are not supposed to be that demonstrative.
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to finding out about your winter
    Lesley and Alan