Thursday, May 24, 2007

Australias biggest morning tea

Today was a fundraising day for cancer research across Australia. Gareth's pre-school asked the kids to bring in a plate of something to share and to make a donation on the day.

Gareth and myself made loads of honey gingerbread men and Rhiannon decorated them last night. We had a lovely time at the morning tea and the kids stuffed themselves full of yummy cakes and biscuits. I bought some raffle tickets and had my eye on the second prize, an insulated picnic bag with a couple of bottles of wine inside! As they drew the second ticket I joked with the Mum next to me saying

"Positive thinking, I will win this prize, I will win this prize..."

Guess what.... Yes, it was my ticket that came out!

Never again will I scoff at the power of positive thinking! Gareth was thrilled and carried our prize home and proudly marched into the house with it. He is busy exploring the plastic contents while I am busy chilling the alcoholic ones!

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