Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome Wall - filling in the gaps.

I know that I have already blogged about our day in Sydney and the unveiling of the welcome wall. It was such a great day but I didn't have time to tell you about the parts before and after the ceremony. I thought I would fill in the gaps a little here.

It was a really early start. We got up at 6am and were driving by 7. It was a still and misty morning and we were mesmerised by the sight of the lake outside our house. It looked so magical and still. As always I couldn't resist making Byron pull over so I could take a photo!

We got to Sydney an hour earlier than we needed to be so we went to "Pancakes on the rocks" and had a round of coffees, hot chocolates and a big stack of pancakes, strawberries and ice-cream! Yum!

After the ceremony was finished and we had eaten and drunk our fill at the VIP reception we went in search of Joe, Rhonda, Cian and Tenelle who were passing time in a cafe on Darling Harbour.

Cian has cut three teeth since we saw him last and we had great fun trying to get him to smile long enough to get a photo of his new pearly whites!

We had an ice-cream with them and then said goodbye as they had another party to go to.

It is not often that we find ourselves in Sydney with spare time on our hands. Usually we are bringing visitors around to see the sights or visiting friends like Charles and Sue (sob, sob, can't do that anymore since they abandoned us to go back to life in the UK) We decided to spend the afternoon in the Sydney Aquarium. It was brilliant. Its usually fairly expensive for 5 to get in but we had two free admission vouchers so it was a cheap(ish) day out!

We loved the underwater tunnels where the sharks swam all around us. Scary! The camera struggled a bit with all the reflections off the perspex but we still got a few good shots.

By the time we left the aquarium we were so tired and our feet ached. We jumped in the car and started the two hour drive home. It was just starting to get dark as drove over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A great end to a fun packed day!

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