Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Garden landscaping

We are living in a beautiful house with beautiful cream tiles and beautiful cream carpets.

Unfortunately our beautiful house is bang in the middle of a beautiful mud pile!

We have no driveway yet and are parked down on the road. Each time we get in or out of the car we have to scrabble 10 meters up a slippery muddy slope and climb over a silt fence on the way. I will be glad when I come home from the supermarket with 20 bags of groceries and don't have to make my way over the assault course like a donkey!

The first step to sorting out our muddy garden is digging some trenches and filling them with gravel and "aggy pipe" I was sent out to buy 40 meters of this aggy pipe from the local DIY super store. Little did I know that I was in for great fun and games getting it to the till. Only one 20 meter roll (barely) fitted into the trolley and Sian, Rhiannon and Gareth spent the next 10 minutes rolling the other massive roll down the aisles towards the cash registered scattering terrified customers in their path! The least said about my attempts to get it in the car the better! One finally went in the boot and one was strapped into the passenger seat leaving Rhiannon with her knees up to her chest in the seat behind and me barely enough space to release the handbrake!

Now that we have it back at the house Byron and his friend Paul have many hours of blood, sweat and tears ahead of them laying it. Watch this space for more photos!

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