Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rhiannon and Jaspers Birthday Party

Rhiannon and her friend Jasper have birthdays just a day apart. We all know the same families so it made sense to combine our efforts and have one joint party in Rathmines park.

Anne Marie (Jasper's Mum) and myself agreed to go shopping together on the Saturday evening to do a joint shop and split the cost between us. Sounds simple enough I thought. Anne Marie picked me up at 6.30pm and off we went to Woollies.... Well not quite straight there. We thought it might be better if we sat down and made a list first and Jane lives opposite the supermarket. Being a Saturday night Jane offered us a little champagne to sip while we were planning. Two hours and a couple of glasses of bubbly later and we made our way across to Woollies with a long list and not a care in the world! We were only in the first aisle when we heard the announcement that the shop was closing in 15 minutes so we dashed around throwing things randomly into the trolley and made it to the till in record time!

Anne Marie came back to my house so we could make up the party bags and we spent a very relaxed couple of hours making Rhiannon's cake, filling party bags and polishing off another bottle of chilled bubbly. I like Anne Marie and her approach to party planning!!!

The next morning we sat on our new balcony and watched the world go by as we had our breakfast. Then it was a mad rush around getting dressed and throwing things into bags to bring with us. Luckily the sun was shining and we got a couple of free picnic tables near the lakes edge. All the kids had a ball on their bikes, scooters and roller blades. It was fun trying to light the candles on the two cakes simultaneously with the breeze trying to blow out the candles as we lit them. Jasper had a cake in his team colours and Rhiannon's was a tower of red food colouring and sprinkles! Perfect! Rhiannon really enjoyed her day and was a fan of the joint party. She was grinning all the way home in the car saying how cool it was to have had so many friends at it.

It was probably one of the easiest parties I have ever had to do. So next year, put the date in your diary Jane and get that bottle of bubbly chilling because I feel another long list coming on...!!!

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