Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sandstone walls.

We are putting sandstone walls along the sides of our block of land. This will help retain the earth in our neighbours gardens where the excavator cut in to level our block. Once these are done we can put fencing up above the walls and get some privacy.

Paul and his gang turned up at 7am and got stuck in. It was so cold that you could see their breath form clouds in front of their mouths as they spoke. It's amazing how chilly the mornings and nights can get now that Autumn has arrived. Almost reminds me of home!

In the first hour there were more deliveries of ash, sand and concrete. A round of hot tea + coffee, discussion about the plan of attack and they were off. The caffeine must have kicked in fast because by this afternoon they had completed both side walls. Wonderful, warm, higgledy-piggledy rock walls. We love them!

Next job hopefully will be the fence panels by a local firm. Then Paul will be back to build some more sandstone walls in the back garden to give us two defined levels. One level will be a big patio just outside the back door and then up some steps to the back of the garden which will be grass.

The driveway should be laid in the next two weeks and while the driveway guys are here they will pour a concrete slab around the side of the house for the hot tub!

We are bleeding money right now but it is so worth it just looking at the house and garden transforming. It has been a long wait for us to get our own place and it feels so great to watch it come together at last.

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