Monday, June 04, 2007

Go Socceroos !!!!

We went to Sydney this weekend to watch the Socceroos play Uraguay at the Telstra Olympic Stadium. Our old Landlords from Lakeview road had suggested that our two families get seats together and make it a family night out. Byron and Robert bought the tickets a few weeks ago. We were a little unsure about whether it was a good idea or not. $200 for our tickets, kick off at 8pm and three young kids.....

It ended up being brilliant fun. There was a great atmosphere outside the stadium with food stalls selling every food type imaginable. Turkish, Chinese, Malaysian, pizza, Indian and good old fish and chips! There was music blaring and free face painting. There was also a tent where you could have your photo taken with the Socceroos! Well, you could have your photo taken in front of a green screen and they superimposed the footie team on afterwards! Again, it was all free.

We saw a TV presenter doing his pre-match warm up in the middle of an open area outside the stadium. He was being broadcast onto the giant screens in the stadium and dotted around the grounds. Loads of kids were squeezing in around and behind him trying to get in the picture. We pushed Sian in his direction and told her to try to give a wave on the big screen. Just as she sidled in to the sports presenters left he turned around to ask the crowd some questions and pointed the microphone straight at her!

"And what's your name?"


"And where are you from Sian?"

"....em, Newcastle...."

"Do you like the Socceroos?"


"Do you play Soccer?"


" What's your favourite sport?"

"....T-Ball! "

Good girl Sian! We headed into the stadium and found our seats. We were in a great spot nice and high up so the kids had a good view of the whole pitch. We were also under cover and seemed to be caught in a heat pocket so we weren't as cold as we expected to be. We had fun cheering on the Socceroos and even though they lost 2-1 to Uraguay the kids didn't really seem to mind. As for me I did well just remembering which colour were the "good guys"
It was well past midnight before we got home but it was a great night out and we will definitely do it again some time.

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