Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pasher Bulker

One of the many media stories being covered here in Australia and around the world is the story of the beached tanker the Pasher Bulker. It was swept onto Nobbys beach during the storm on Friday despite engines running at full throttle trying to head out to deeper water. It finally got wedged in the sand only meters from the shore.

It is going to be a massive operation to push it off the sand bank and get it back to deep water. Nobbys beach is a fabulous surfing/swimming beach that we love going to in summer. At the moment it is closed to everyone for safety reasons. I can't imagine what will happen if they are unable to move it. There were helicopters flying back and forth to the tanker as we watched. Some were trying to deliver water to holds in the center of the tanker to stabilise it and others were the media covering the story.

There is a webcam in Nobby's Beach Surf Club that is transmitting a live web stream of the tanker. If you have Broadband click here to have a look for yourself:

Yesterday while waiting for power to resume we went out for the day to see the massive Tanker for ourselves. It was an amazing sight and Gareth didn't want to leave. Here are some photos that we took of it...

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