Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guitar V Anniversary

I am going to be in the dog house tonight. It is our Anniversary and I am going out. Not with Mr B but to my guitar making class!

I tried to make up for it in advance by making a really nice romantic meal last night, Steak in pepper sauce, candles, red wine, the works.

I made a lovely picnic lunch for us to have in Rathmines park today while the kids were all in school and pre-school.

I have even booked a baby sitter for tomorrow night so we can have an evening out of the house together. But I don't think it is going to be good enough. I'm already getting little comments from Mr B about being left alone on our Anniversary. I have one last magic trick to try to win him over..... A big bag of Peanut M+Ms that I am going to leave next to the remote as I run out the door this evening!

I could just stay in but I am getting to such an exciting stage with my guitar that I am bursting for 6 O'clock to come around. I went to the work shop today to check on my sides that were clamped in the jig. When I took them out they looked brilliant. I put them side by side for the first time and you can really get a good impression of the final shape that I am aiming for. I am also on the verge of carving out the head of the guitar.

I have done as much as I can without guidance from Strato and so I have to be patient until tonight's class before I can go any further.

I think I will try to get home a bit earlier tonight so that Mr B hasn't gone to bed without me. You never know, I might even get lucky...

There might be a few M+M's left!!!

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