Sunday, June 24, 2007

Priscilla Weekend

I have just had the most amazing weekend ever!

I went to Sydney with 7 other girls to watch the stage show of Priscilla Queens of the desert.

We left first thing on Saturday morning so that we could do some serious damage to our bank accounts at a big Factory Outlet shopping centre. Being in our new house money is needed for lots of things (like a driveway) so I managed to be remarkably restrained, buying myself 5 items of clothing for the princely sum of $31. I had a great time being personal shopper to the others and getting my shopping buzz from helping them melt their credit cards!

We stayed at the Grande Mercure apartments in Darling Harbour. We were in two adjoining apartments and they were really nice. We spent a couple of hours getting dressed up in the evening modelling our new purchases while draining dry a few bottles of bubbles. When we were all dolled up we walked the 10 minute stroll across to Star City where Priscilla was on.

The bar was all glammed up in OTT mode with feather boas galore and cocktails being sold in flashing cocktail glasses. $10 for your first drink, you got to keep the glass and then refills were just $5 all night. How could we refuse!

The bell went and it was time to take to our seats. What a show! It was amazing! So much happening that it was hard to take it all in. Priscilla is obviously a show about drag queens and a fair proportion of the actors didn't have to try too hard to play their roles well! We also had a line of very theatrical men sitting behind us admiring the costumes and performing running commentary on the physique of everyone on stage! The actor to get the most appreciation and stares from the guys (and us) was the effervescent "Felicia" who was played by the gorgeous Daniel Scott. Another surprise was the cameo role of "Bob" who was being played by "Alf" from Home and Away this week.

When the show ended Jane persuaded us to hang out at the Priscilla bar for a few more cocktails. She told us that some of the cast were known to mingle after the show. Before long"Alf" appeared. I was so excited as I had watched many an episode of Home and Away growing up in Dublin. He was very approachable and we managed to nab him and chat for a while.

I thought the night couldn't get any better until Jane nearly passed out with excitement! It was "Felicia" herself, or should I say Daniel. Jane decided to seize the moment and walked straight up to gush at how wonderful the show was. We followed and gushed some more! To our surprise Daniel didn't rush away but stayed and chatted for a while before excusing himself to go find his friends.

I think at this stage our legs had turned to jelly and we were incapable of speech. I'm not sure if it was our brushing shoulders with the stars or the Strawberry Daiquiri's but we decided to call it quits and head home to our pj's before we made fools of ourselves!

This morning we had a wonderful breakfast in the hotel then hit the shops again before we started our journey home to our nice normal lives as Mums once again!

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  1. Wow suupurb Gina, you look fab too x Jul

  2. Very nice photos!! You look so starstruck... hee hee. How many strawberry daiquiris did you say you had...?

    L. x

  3. -One Strawberry daquiri
    -One C*** in a frock on a rock
    -Another Strawberry daquiri
    -Another Strawberry daquiri
    -Another Strawberry daquiri
    -Another C*** in a frock on a rock
    -Another Strawberry daquiri
    -Annoverr Schtrawbeerrry Dacidy thingy.......