Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary. A big Thank You to everybody who has sent messages to us today.

So much has happened to us since the day we got hitched in Foxrock, Dublin on June 21st 1996. We've been blessed with good family, friends, luck and health.

On the morning of our wedding day, Gina and her family ate strawberries on a windy Irish beach. This has become a tradition in our family and this morning all three kids piled into our bed with presents, cards and sleepy eyes for a bowl of cold strawberries and Granny's chocolate buttons.

We then got the wedding album out for the kids to look at. They had fun pointing out that Dad's hair is different now (it looked like a wig apparently) and of course there were no grey bits then. They were surprised how young Carrie, Kerry and Louise looked. Gareth pointed out that he "hadn't been borned yet".

Gina has emigrated twice in the past 11 years but I'm determined that she's staying put now.

I've shredded her passport anyway...

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