Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aquarium visit with Cian!

This weekend was the first weekend in a long time that we didn't have to be at a rugby match with the girls first thing on a Saturday morning.

Byron decided that we needed to make the most of the day. Little did I guess that he meant setting the alarm for 6.30am so we could be on an early train to Sydney!

There has been a run of trips to Sydney over the last 18months that have clashed with my brother Joe (who lives in Sydney) coming up to the lake to visit us. Generally it means that we pass each other on the Freeway in both directions and miss out on the chance to meet up. It has become a long running joke that we are trying to avoid each other. You'll never guess what Joe's plans were for this weekend? Yes, he was planning a trip up to visit for my Birthday!

After careful consideration we all decided that we would meet up at the Sydney Aquarium and save Joe + Rhonda the long car ride to Toronto. The kids were so excited to see their cousin Cian! He is going to be one in a couple of weeks and is getting more funny each time we see him!

He was happy to be pushed around by Sian and Rhiannon and loved looking at all the fish behind the glass walls. I think Byron's parents enjoyed wandering around with us and watching the kids reaction to all the sharks and especially the "touching pools" where the kids can actually put their hands in the tanks to stroke sharks and starfish etc.

We got a train back at 6pm and by the time we got in the door at 8.30 the kids were shattered and went straight to bed. We have just had a monster curry and I am heading off to bed while Byron and his folks knock back a few glasses of red wine and plan what we are doing tomorrow.

It better not involve an early start.

I'm off to unplug the alarm clock...!

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