Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr B!

Today is Mr B's Birthday.

He has had a very relaxing day so far starting with a cup of tea and presents in bed. He was only complaining last week that he had nothing good to read..... not for long as he unwrapped a brilliant assortment of books! Ricky Gervais, World War II, Rugby biographies, political diaries... They should keep him busy for a few weeks! He also got some great clothes including a Welsh Rugby shirt which went on straight away and hasn't come off!

After breakfast he disappeared into the hot tub for a soak, then fixed a burst tyre on his bike and went for a cycle, lunch was sitting down by the lake and now he is sitting on the sofa with the kids eating green jelly! It was Gareth's idea to put the candles in the jelly... sounded like a great idea at the time!

When the kids are in bed we are going to take advantage of our live-in babysitters and nip out for a Thai meal. As always he says it has been his best birthday ever.

I know he is a softy at heart and although he won't say it to their faces he told me earlier that the best present was having his Mam and Dad here! Don't tell him I told you...!

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