Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sians "Berrylicious" dessert!

Sian got a girly magazine a few weeks ago. It had a recipe in it for a dessert. She nagged and nagged and nagged asking when she could make it for us. It looked overly sweet even for someone like me with a taste for all things sugary. I couldn't put her off any more. Last night Anne and Kel were coming around for tea. For Kel no food is ever too sweet. His body is less of a temple than a "sugar-coated-temple-with-extra-sugar-on-top" !

I went shopping for the ingredients and as soon as Sian got home from school she got to work. Butter cake chopped into cubes, sugary strawberry dessert topping, custard, strawberries, strawberry angel delight mix, more custard, more strawberries and a few mini marsh-mallows as the finishing touch!

She was very pleased with the finished desserts. After a big dinner of monster home made "Mama Burgers" we were feeling the waistlines pinching. Sian delivered our desserts to us and we tucked in gingerly at first and then with more gusto as we realised that they weren't bad at all. Seriously sweet but very moreish!

I'm looking forward to next months magazine to see what else she can make us!

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