Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue Mountains

Byron's parents have discovered the art of very cheap travel. In Australia anyone with a pension card is entitled to a "Pensioners Excursion ticket" This costs $2.50 (£1.00) each and gives them unlimited travel all around the state of New South wales for the day on buses, trains, coaches and ferries!

I think it is generally supposed to be for Australian Pensioners but the local transport companies have said that they happily offer it to visitors too. The local bus driver has been saying "The usual this morning?" and getting the tickets out and passing them to Myan and Den as they get on the bus outside our house!

Today they have left on a train to Sydney and are going to the Blue Mountains on a two night mini-trip. We booked the accommodation on-line, bought a mobile phone, put credit on it and waved goodbye to them at Morriset station!

The hotel they are staying at is in the center of a small town called Katoomba. It is only a few minutes walk from Katoomba train station.

The weather all over New South Wales is pretty cold and wet over the coming week but I am sure they will have a good time.

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