Saturday, August 25, 2007

Welsh Cakes

One of Byron's favourite childhood treats was his Mother's Welshcakes.

His Mother decided to cook some today.

Sian was watching carefully and taking notes so that she could make them again at some stage in the future.

I really wasn't impressed with my Mother-in-law taking over my kitchen. It was bad enough that she was invading my territory and challenging my role as "carer-and-feeder-of-comfort-food" to Mr B. But oh no, she had to just go and do one more thing that drove me mad....

She tidied up as she went!


Anyone who knows me knows that I am enthusiastic at anything I do. Another word would be messy. Very, very messy. For the last 11 years of marriage I have done my fair share of cooking and baking and all to great appreciation from Mr B. But when the cooking is done the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it. Every bowl, spoon and mixer has been used. The floor is as messy as the kitchen counters and Mr B usually gets the job of loading the dishwasher with all the awkward shaped bowls and kitchen gadgets. He never once has complained because it has always been for a good cause, something nice to eat. But now he knows different. Now he knows about "Cleaning-As-You-Go"

Thanks Myan

Thanks a bunch...!

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