Monday, September 08, 2008

Rhiannons First Holy Communion.

Rhiannon made her First Holy Communion today. It was a very special day and one she has put a lot of preparation into.

She wanted to wear the dress that I made for Sian 2 years ago and luckily it fitted her perfectly.

We had an early start this morning as the actual ceremony was at 8am but we needed to leave the house at 7.30am to get a car space. We got up and had a light breakfast before getting dressed. Rhiannon looked so lovely. Very fresh faced and angelic.

Only 12 children were making their Communion today as many chose to make theirs at last nights mass.

It was a really lovely ceremony and Rhiannon really seemed to enjoy it. She got to carry a candle to the alter and looked totally angelic as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!

We went home afterwards and put on a pot of coffee and sat out on the patio chatting.

Byron did a cooked breakfast on the BBQ and we sat and talked and laughed and drank refills of coffee for the next few hours.

The kids ran around the garden and blew bubbles and stuffed their faces with cup cakes we had iced very late the night before!

Nessa had to be at the train station by 4pm so we did a bit of packing and jumping up and down on the weighing scales with her bags in between cups of tea. It was sad saying goodbye to Nessa but it was great that she managed to plan her trip so that she could spend this special day with us.

When we got home from the train station Rhiannon sat back on the orange sofa to chill out with her new book from Joe and Rhonda "Pippy Longstocking" and sat reading with the sun pouring through the window on her. She was happy and laughing way to herself at all the funny things Pippy got up to!

It was a very simple day but great fun.

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