Sunday, September 14, 2008

Masquerade Ball

Last night was the culmination of weeks and weeks of planning and organising by Maree, Monica and myself.

It was the St Joseph's Masquerade Fun Ball, a fundraiser to help buy some more laptops for the school kids. For weeks we have made invitations with glitter and feathers, made posters and canvased local businesses for prizes and donations.

Yesterday morning we headed into the club where the tables had been set up. We decorated the tables with helium balloons and streamers.

We then inflated a further 60 helium balloons with tickets inside for people to win prizes that had been donated by local businesses.

When we returned later in the evening we were all dressed up. Each table ad a theme that was based on their choice of masks.

Our table were trying to look formal on the top with black tops and bow ties. Under the table was a whole different story with a casual mix of swimmers and grass skirts! We had silver candle sticks on the table and buckets and spades on the floor.

Byron grabbed two boogie boards from the garage as we left and they finished off the outfits really well!

Our other friends had great themes.

Maree's table was posh with full dinner suits and black dresses and black pussy cat masks.

The women even had velvet chokers with little bells on and the men had black tails swinging from under their dinner jackets.

Monica's table was done up as Dame Edna Characters. The ladies looked like something out of an eighties wedding and the men looked hideous with their pillow beer bellies and stained shirts. They ended up winning the prize for the "Best Dressed" table. surely that should have been "Worst Dressed" !!!

The evening was great fun. Starting with a sumptuous three course meal and ending with dancing to a great band until the lights came on and we were asked if we had no homes to go to!

The evening was a financial success which was the initial aim but I think it was a great success from a fun and social perspective too which is probably just as important.

I swear I am never, ever going to organise another big event like this, EVER!

Until next year maybe....

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