Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little White Hen

I spend most Wednesday mornings in the kids school helping out with reading. First year 3 with Rhiannon's class, then year 5 with Sian, then finally Kindy starting with Gareth and then reading with as many kids from his class as I can until the bell goes for recess.

Today in particular one little kindy girl made me laugh. Her book was a simple one: "Little White Hen"

Each page was a simple picture followed by "The little white hen was......" If you memorised the first part of the sentence and looked at the picture you could "read" the book without actually reading. This little girl read "The little white hen" paused to look at the picture and then turned and looked me straight in the eye and finished the sentence from her head.

"The little white hen dusted the clock"
"The little white hen cleaned all the messy dusty stuff"

"The little white hen ironed the clothes"
"The little white hen got the uniforms fixed up"

"The little white hen mopped the floor"
"The little white hen cleaned the mucky dirt up"

and finally the last page where the little white hen had finished her chores and was sitting down for a well deserved cuppa..

"The little white hen had a cup of tea"
"The little white hen was fed up of all her boring jobs so she sat down for a rest and decided to have a cup of tea"

Before I dissolved into laughter the bell rang for recess and I was able to send her off to play and headed off home with a grin on my face!

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