Thursday, September 11, 2008


Dizzy is a cheetah.

Dizzy is a social experiment.

Dizzy came to visit us today.....

Dizzy came in a cloth bag with a book. The book was called "Dizzy's Adventures" The book was made up of white A4 pages on which each kid in Gareth's class wrote/drew/stuck in pictures of the adventure that Dizzy had in their houses when he was visiting them.

And so we had to ask Dizzy what he wanted to do. Gareth was the interpreter. We found out that it was Dizzy's birthday! Gareth thought that Dizzy might like to sit on the computer monitor and watch him play computer games all afternoon (good try Gar!) Instead we decided to celebrate Dizzy's birthday with a party!

Out came the play food and lots more stuffed animal friends. Some real food was required to feed the hungry Sian, Rhiannon and Gareth.

Gar decided we should bake cakes. Dizzy was very helpful. He spilled the sugar into the food processor (and over most the kitchen floor)

He thought the cake mixture smelt good!

We blew up some mini balloons (Thanks Nicola, they were from our packet of water balloons you sent this week!) It was a pretty exhausting day.

The last part of Dizzy's adventure was spent cuddled up in Gareth's bed!

Here is Gareth's page he put in Dizzy's adventure book....

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