Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sacramental preparation

Rhiannon is nearing the end of her preparation for her final sacrament, her First Holy Communion.

We had the final class in our house tonight and all the kids were so excited about this coming weekend. One of the things they got to do tonight was to have a "practise" at receiving an unblessed host so the would know what it felt and tasted like. This was to help calm the nerves for the big day.

We were given instructions to treat the unblessed hosts with respect and so we went searching around the house for something to put them in during the class. Different plates and bowls were taken out of the kitchen cupboards and then put back because they weren't right.

Suddenly I remembered something. A gift given to Rhiannon from her grandparents in Ireland when she was born. A beautiful Irish silver plate with an inscription in Irish on the back. The inscription reads
"le grá ár gcroí" which means "the love of our hearts".

How perfect! What a lovely way to know that you were a part of the preparation for her big day Mum and Dad.

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