Thursday, February 12, 2009

..and then there was the storm.

Last week was the flood.

Just when we thought we couldn't get any wetter...


On Tuesday after dinner Mr B went to check the news and saw a warning for a major storm heading our way. He yelled down the stairs at us to shut all the windows and doors straight away. I knew from his voice that something was up so I jumped up and started locking everything. When we looked out the back door the sky was black.
We thought about moving the poor Guinea Pigs hutch out of the center of the garden and against the wall of the house for shelter but as we stepped outside we realised it was too late. The rain had started coming down too heavy so we had had to get back inside.

As the storm picked up momentum the rain turned to hailstones. At first they were pea sized but then they got bigger and bigger and bigger until there were golf balls of ice hammering into the windows. Byron ran from window to window closing curtains and blinds because we were convinced that the glass was going to start shattering. I sat the kids on the bottom step of the stairs as far away from any windows as we could and cuddled them as we waited for the storm to pass. Eventually hail returned to rain and after some fantastic lightening strikes and booming rolls of thunder even the rain stopped. We opened the curtains and looked out at hail all over the grass and leaves littering the road and driveway.

It was eerily quiet, no bird sounds just the wail of sirens starting up in the distance. A reminder to us yet again that although our cars looked like someone had taken to their bodywork with a hammer we were all safe and sound and in one piece.

Whats next? We've had the flood. We've had the storm. Plague of locusts anyone???

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