Thursday, February 12, 2009

School Council

Sian is now in Year 6, her final year in Primary School. This year her classmates were given the chance to make a speech to all the year 5 and 6 students to be voted onto the school council. Sian really wanted this so she sat up with Byron one night I was in work and together they thought up a speech that was funny and summed up all the reasons her school friends should vote her in. That Friday she went into school and made her speech along with about 20 other hopefuls and watched and waited as the rest of the students voted....

On Sunday night the phone rang. It was Mr Jennings, Sians teacher. Sian had been voted in and was going to find out at morning assembly the next morning! Mr Jennings wanted to give one of us the chance to watch. I was working but Byron decided to go into work late so he could see.

Sian was so excited when her name was called out. Her best friend Gemma got voted as one of the Sports Captains so they were on cloud nine together after the presentation!

Can you spot her? If I give you a hint that her punchline of her speech referred to how she might be pint sized but she can take on huge tasks....?!

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