Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obsessing about Cupcakes!

A friend emailed me this week asking about ideas for her daughters birthday cake. She said she makes a mean cupcake but was not so sure about tackling a full-on cake. 

I thought about ideas for her all week. What different girly cakes I have made over the years for Sian and Rhiannon and what cakes I have seen at all the parties they have been at. 

In the end my advice to Tania is to stick with what you are good at. Make the cake out of cupcakes! Easy to serve, no knife, no plates, looks great.

And so thanks to Tania all week I have been obsessing about cupcakes! I crave biting into the soft swirling icing topping and crunching the sprinkles in my teeth before tasting the soft fluffy cake dissolving in my mouth....

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