Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ringing ears!

Well dare I say it....

Last night was actually quite good fun!

We went off to the concert tickets clutched tight in our hands. The merchandise stall was so bloody expensive. I really must be getting old. $20 for a plastic lanyard? $30 for a hat? Yes, I am showing my age! I suppose when you convert in into sterling then it sounds OK. I am so used to things being cheap here in Australia and sometimes it takes my friends in the UK or Ireland to slap me across the face and tell me to cop on!

Anyway, having had the contents of my wallet decimated for a wristband and a pair of Veronica's love heart glasses we wandered inside to find our seats.

The seats were just brilliant. They were at the top of an aisle so we had no-one blocking our view. We were facing the stage head on and it didn't seem too far away.
The kids were so hyped up.

The first band on were called "Short Stack" They were young and what they lacked in musical genius they certainly made up for in sheer energy. They are a young band that come from New South Wales and are just breaking into the Australian music scene.

At one stage they unfurled a banner with a phone number on it and yelled at the crowd to text their email addresses to it to win a chance of going back stage. The fool that I was, I allowed the girls to hijack my mobile and all we seemed to get was a website address and a code. Turns out I bought their soon-to-be-released single called "Princess" I cant download it until the end of the month. It better be good!
Next band on were Metro Station. They were great. Very good at interacting with the crowd. Hugely energetic. They are Californian and have had a big hit here with "Shake it" The girls just went mad as they played. They looked a bit like they needed a hot meal to me. All long skinny legs with sprayed on black jeans, bare scrawny chests and wild long black hair that seemed to move in a mad blur over their faces as they jumped and ran all over the stage.

Lots of dramatic guitar throws to the roadies as they changed instruments for each song. I have to admit, by the end of their set their infectious enthusiasm had me jumping up and down and screaming along with the best of them.

And finally, The Veronica's themselves. They lived up to all the hype and expectation.

All their hits, loads of crowd interaction, even a quartet on stage for the big finale of "Untouched"

What a night. It was heading towards midnight as we made our way up the driveway. Two exhausted but elated little girls by my side. Ticket stubs, programs and merchandise held tight in their hands. Tonight I saw a difference in their faces. As they screamed and jumped their eyes sparkled with the hype and excitement of seeing real live music. I could tell they loved it. Maybe there is a little bit of their mum in them after all!

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