Saturday, February 14, 2009

Now that's a wrap...

Rhiannon went to a party today. She was really excited and in an effort to direct her energy into something useful I set her the task of wrapping the present.

Most of our wrapping paper had turned into soggy mess during the flood so we only had a sheet of plain gold. A little boring for a ten year old boy I thought but better than nothing. Rhiannon got stuck into the wrapping with joy, abandon and about 20meters of sticky tape. Oh yes, Sometimes I look at my middle child and I see her Dad in her.

But then a few minutes later as I yelled like a fishwife at everyone to
I stopped and saw what else Rhiannon had done to brighten up the boring gold paper. She had turned the gift into a monster!

Now thats my girl! There's a little bit of her Mum in her too!

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