Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A borrowed idea...

Recently I saw something in a gift shop.

It was a simple idea and was designed to help people offload their worries. A little box to put your problems in so that God could take care of them for you.

I thought about buying it for a family member who is going through a lot right now but I wondered if it might look like I was trivialising their problems. That it might upset them if they thought I was suggesting everything could be made better by a little empty box.

On a phone call last night that person cried and then told me a bit of advice a friend had given them. "When it all gets too much just hand it over to God and ask him to help you"

I thought once more about the box. I tentatively mentioned it and the reaction was positive. It was seen to be a beautiful thing and not trivialising. It's too far to travel back to where I saw this idea and so I made my own version of it.

It will be in the post this afternoon and although it won't "fix" anything maybe it will help to give strength and remind them that we are thinking of them here and hoping and praying for things to improve.

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  1. I think it's a great idea. Sometimes just the act of the person writing it down can help too.

  2. That's a lovely thoughtful thing to do Ginna.
    It's similar to a strategy that i have used at work before and that I use with sibs if she has a nightmare. I get her to tell her nightmare into my cupped hands. I then throw the 'contents' away and we can both get back to sleep!

    Sharing something can make a sad situation a little better and you're giving this person an avenue to do that.

  3. I love this idea, in south america there are "worry dolls" a set of 5 little dolls that one can "tell your worries to", off load them...I think that is one of the beautiful gifts that God gives us, He lets us know that we lean on Him, he is happy to take on our worries so we can be comfortable....now that is seriously devoted parenting from the Father!

  4. One of my favorite sayings is "Let go and let God." I think that is a wonderful gift for your family member!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  5. In one of the most troublesome periods of my life, I used to have an empty jam jar in which I put a little note with the 'name' of the problem. It helped a lot. Sometimes as Wendy says we have to 'let God'.