Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Size matters

We have an end-of-holidays tradition where each kid gets measured against the door frame in the laundry room. As visitors pass through they often let the kids measure them too for fun. Two years ago Granny visited and since that Sian has waited for the day she would be the same height as Granny or even taller. Well this holidays Sian got her wish and she measured up about 1.5cms above Granny.
Keep eating your crusts sweetheart and some day you may even grow as tall as Grandad!

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  1. Love that tradition! My daughters also do this at their homes! We have a wall of measurements in Dave's wood shop as well! Sian, I bet you eat vegetables, right? I told Cayden, the mr who CAN'T eat his vegetables!! I told him he can't get tall like Sian if he doesn't start now!!