Monday, February 27, 2012

The Christening.

The Christening was lovely. Baby Cara lay still and quiet and didn't murmur as the Holy Water was poured over her head. The Christening gown looked beautiful on her. I missed my parents and my sister. I used my phone to take little video clips and even though I was in church and probably should have behaved better I subtly emailed them to Ireland as the ceremony proceeded. They emailed back to say they were in tears, send more.

Afterwards we went back to my brothers house and the kids ran and played. The food was divine and the table was filled with touches of pink. You could tell Cara was a breath of feminine fresh air after two boisterous brothers!
Another family occasion committed to memory. Photos to remind us of the fun.
...and a little touch of sadness for those that weren't there.

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  1. Beautiful xx

  2. I am sure they were missed but so there in spirit! Great pictures! I can feel the love all the way here in Ohio!

  3. Both girls are gorgeous!

  4. Modern technology is wonderful when it can bring your parents so much closer to all of you, it would have meant the world to them to see the christening. The last photo is just beautiful Gina, your daughter is gorgeous in this photo. xx