Monday, February 20, 2012

Through my Window - by Rhiannon

Rhiannon was given an English assignment to be completed by Wednesday. Firstly write a short piece about herself from the viewpoint of her bedroom window. Secondly print it and mount it on a larger poster surrounded by pictures and "things" that represent who she is.

This weekend she did the first part which I want to put here so I always have it to look back on. When the poster is complete I hope to put it here too. Watch this space....!

By Rhiannon Baynham

I’m sitting on the end of my cabin bed.
Covered in my cheerful watermelon quilt.
Next to my white desk with its cluttered pin board full of my drawings and doodles.
My old stuffed toys sit forgotten in the top of my built in wardrobe.
Shiny mirror glass surrounded by my pink and green walls.
The old childish murals painted over with new colours reflecting my new attitudes.
My window pane has been grafitti’ed by my pink liquid chalk pen from Smiggle.
The pictures and words written by me and by my friends like colourful footsteps left behind in sand.
Reminding me of fun days spent together.
As I look through the drawings I can see outside.
The next door neighbour walking his two poodles down his rocky driveway.
Sneaking a cigarette when he thinks no one can see him.
I see the lush green trees swaying in the wind.
I think a storm is brewing by the grey sky and the cold feeling.
I then distract myself by looking at the muddy lake.
I see some pelicans landing gracefully on the brown murky water.
I realise how great nature is and how lucky I am to live here.

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  1. This is fantastic. Well done Rhiannon!

  2. Beautiful!