Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making a mess...and loving it!

I love making a mess.

Well I love crafting and baking but I'm a bit rubbish at tidying up after. It seems crazy during busy days when there are many things on the to-do list to add in an extra "thing" but to me it is the "things" that make my life fun. Yes, I often find myself cleaning down the kitchen late at night, tired feet and looking forward to sitting down with Byron but it's the fun things I did that day that makes my conversation with him more interesting.

Take yesterday for instance. I read a blog written by Bianca. She had an idea about making meringue hearts. I had three left over egg whites from a sauce I had made. A couple of hours later no laundry is done, no bathrooms cleaned but I had two trays of pink hearts ready to go in the oven and a grin on my face. The kitchen looked like a bomb hit it and there were sprinkles stuck to my bare feet as I walked around but I was happy!

Later when the girls got home from school (and Byron was safely at Gareth's Rugby training) We printed out Biancas bag toppers and made up some parcels to drop into a couple of families we know with young kids. I was happily sharing the love and the calories because I had been nibbling on the meringues all afternoon and was risking sugar hallucinations at that point. I forgot to take photos of mine so here is the image from Bianca's blog of her own ones....

Seeing our little friends faces and watching them give hugs to our girls made up for the effort I was going to have to do cleaning up later on that night. Actually technically it is the day after now and that floor still isn't washed so no more procrastinating. I'm off straight away to get stuck in and do what should have been on yesterdays to-do list.

On the other hand I might just have time for one more browse through Bianca's blog first....

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  1. Posts like this make me love you even more!

  2. Gina, the girls were thrilled to receive these and have hugs from Sian and Rhiannon. You Baynhams are so thoughtful and lovely!

  3. I saw those on Bianca's blog too. Yum! With a cute Kitchen Aid like yours you need to use it. Happy you had fun!

  4. Oh, they look lovely. Thanks for visiting mine Gina, I look forward to seeing you over there again. I'll be back soon!W