Tuesday, August 05, 2014

05:08:14 Puppy preschool.

We are enjoying our weekly puppy pre-school classes with Murphy. Because he is Rhiannon's dog she is his main trainer and I sit in the background. The classes have been as much about educating us as Murphy. It also gives him a valuable chance to become socialised with a mixture of other people and dogs which will hopefully make him better behaved over the coming years. 

Next week will be the final of the four classes and there will be a competition to see how many "puppy push-ups" each dog can do in 30 seconds. Really this is getting him to go from "sit" to "down" as many times as possible. We have had great fun with friends kids helping to teach him these commands and counting his progress. He is still a bit unpredictable, doing amazingly well some times and lying down with that "can't be bothered" look other times! 

We will have to see what next week will bring....!

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