Monday, August 25, 2014

25:08:14 Time for jumping in muddy puddles!

I love spending time with my God-daughter (Miss A). She is funny and cute and smart as can be. For a few weeks earlier in the year she was coming to my house on Monday mornings with her sister and we baked while their mum ran around preparing to move house. Once the move happened things got busy and the Mondays stopped happening but I still see my cute girls in the school car-park as we drop off the older kids to school. 

One recent morning as I was bending down talking to little Miss A she took my face in her two chubby little hands and brought her head in really close to mine. She looked into my eyes and with the most sincere voice said "I know, today we will go to your house and bake some delicious muffins. OK?" Her eyes were big and eyebrows raised waiting for my answer. Although that day was already packed with too many plans I promised another Monday soon. 

Today was that day. We made Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Biscuits. This is not a sponsored post! They were very fiddly to make. The best thing about the kit was the set of little square Peppa and George decorations to put in each "muddy puddle" The whole kit cost $4.40 and the box said it made 6 finished biscuits. I bought them on impulse because they were half price but now I know why they weren't flying off the shelves!

Despite everything we had a great laugh as we mixed and cooked and waited for their mum to come back so we could have tea and biscuits together. Another lovely day avoiding housework but wouldn't you if you had such cute kids in your life!

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  1. Now you see why I avoid housework all the time?! The kids are my excuse ;-)