Monday, August 18, 2014

18:08:14 Shared Birthday Memories

This is a copy of a blog entry from 3 years ago...

18th August 2011

Today I shared celebrating my birthday in work with Lesley.
She tells everyone we are twins, separated at birth, raised on
opposite sides of the world and finally reunited at the Blue Hospital.
It's enough to bring tears to your eyes...
Tears of laughter that is!

18th August 2014

Today I celebrate my 41st birthday. Lesley should be celebrating her 70th. Sadly she died just three weeks ago. She had known she was unwell for a while and the last time I saw her she was in a hospital bed feeling pretty crook. She knew she was dying but told me she was going to wait until after she turned 70. That she was going to have a big party to celebrate with everyone she loved and then she would be ready to go. I stupidly asked her when her 70th was and she laughed and called me a numpty. "You stupid numpty, the 18th of August, same as you. We are twins remember" We laughed and laughed and then had a big hug. A hug that went on a bit longer than a normal goodbye.

Lesley, you didn't manage to celebrate your 70th here with us all but somehow I know there is a big party happening somewhere and if I close my eyes I can hear that infectious laugh from here.

Happy Birthday twin. See I didn't forget!
Your stupid numpty

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  1. Happy Birthday Gina! I sort of came across your page by 'accident' but being a Christian I often find God puts me in the right place at the right time. Thinking and praying for you as you remember your friend Lesley today, your hug meant more than you will know....regards MM

  2. Happy birthday my lovely friend. You both have beautiful mischevious glints in your eyes in the photo and obviously shared lots of fun on your shared birthday. No doubt you brought her lots of joy and she would be shining down happy that you keep the party going on Aug 18th.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a nice day with your family even though your friend Lesley wasn't able to celebrate with you anymore.