Tuesday, August 19, 2014

19:08:14 Knives

I'm so excited. I have wanted a set of good kitchen knives for such a long time but there seemed to be too much choice every time we went looking. Huge price tags, different combinations of knives and not always ones I thought I would use. In the end I went home, emptied my knife drawer and put to one side the knives I use daily. I got Byron to do the same and we had both chosen the same 5 knives. On returning to the shop I saw a beautiful wooden block with 5 knives with exactly the same blade lengths of my old regularly used knives. The shop had a sale with 60% off the original price so I dropped lots of hints to Byron and Gareth about my upcoming birthday and crossed my fingers and toes. Yesterday morning Byron passed me a big box, wrapped in birthday paper and I was squealing with excitement as I unwrapped it. I see lots of time being spent in the kitchen over the coming weeks!

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