Thursday, August 14, 2014

14:08:14 Graduation!

Congratulations to Murphy for Graduating from Puppy Pre-School. He very quickly realised that treats would be forthcoming if he just sat, lay down and stood when we waved our hands and used key words. Being a dog that is fond of his food we were delighted (if not surprised) that he won the "Puppy Push-Up" competition on the final night. Rhiannon, with a dog treat in hand, managed to make him sit, lay-down, sit, lay-down sixteen times in quick succession in his 30 second time slot, two more than the nearest contender! 

Now we can turn our attention to the book "100 tricks to teach your dog" given to us by some dear little school friends. They ask us every day in the school car park if Murphy has mastered trick number 97 yet? How to fetch a cold beer from the fridge and bring it to Dad in the TV room! 

We will begin working on that one next week kids!

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  1. Congratulations Murphy!