Sunday, November 02, 2014

02:11:14 One Hundred Projects...

I saw this cute journal when I was in a stationary shop today. I love the idea of a book "to do when I have time" but it made me laugh. My mum, sister and I are forever saying similar things like "When this month is over and everything calms down we will have time to..." The busyness of day to day life can be overwhelming at times and we often wonder will there ever come a day where we are bored and have nothing to do? Not likely! 

I was tempted to buy the journal for my sister as a laugh but knowing how unlikely she was to ever have the time to even write the list of 100 projects down I decided a photo of it would give her a giggle without the pressure of trying to make time to fill it in! 

If you had this journal would you have 100 things to put in it....?!

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  1. Hello Gina.

    I See these journals all the time and think "how great" too. I have the time to do one but not the motivation. I know that people make them all the time. I do get bored , so why not ..? We even have a shop in out town ..called the Stamp Attic which as all sorts of journal making items. Papers, stencils, beads etc. Anyway maybe you will do one, one day . xx

  2. One day at a time is the motto in this house, especially this time of year. I don't think a book like this would ever make it off the shelf!