Thursday, November 13, 2014

13:11:14 Study organiser

We are in the middle of end of year exams in our house. Every night sees piles of notes scattered over the floor in different rooms of the house. Recently I went to a very interesting evening teaching effective study skills to students and their parents. I learned a lot as my three kids are so very different and study in vastly different ways. I was absorbing ideas on how to apply the advice to each of my kids in different ways. 

One of the suggestions for kids who don't file notes in folders on a regular basis was the alternative idea of in-trays. All the student needs to do is throw the weeks notes into the relevant in-tray and then as exams approach they can remove the in-tray to wherever they study and know that they have all that subject information in one place. Subjects can be colour coded and the colour can be used on name tags on the spiral bound books to make it easier to group and locate everything relating to that subject. 

After that info night I decided to buy an eight cube shelving unit, 8 white in-trays and a packet of 8 fluoro high-lighters. We have set it up in Rhiannon's bedroom as it seems to match her study needs. We are nearing the end of this academic year and we hope that getting organised now will help us start the next school year running.

Fingers crossed this will be a system that helps to keep the stress of mountains of study notes under control.

Watch this space...!

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