Wednesday, November 12, 2014

12:11:14 Airplants

Looking on Pinterest for ideas to  create a calm space in her bedroom Rhiannon came upon images of Airplants. These plants absorb water through their leaves from the moisture in the air. Even though it is recommended to mist them weekly they sound pretty resilient and an easy bedroom plant. 

We bought two varieties. The one in the lowest jam jar will keep growing as a single plant but the two jars above it have a clump of tiny individual plants that like to live as a mass of tangles. We used jars that were waiting to be filled with chutney at Christmas and some simple cotton twine and hung them from the inside of the windowbox. 

They drift slightly in the breeze coming through the window and give a lovely calm focus for Rhiannon as she lays on her bed. A very simple and cheap addition to her room but worth every penny. 

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