Sunday, November 16, 2014

16:11:14 Creative zone

Rhiannon's room has had a makeover. The colourful walls made the room cozy but also a little closed in. Her ever increasing love of drawing was taking over all flat surfaces and there was a clash of wills between whether her desk should be kept neat and ready to study at or covered in sketches at varying states of completion. 

I have finally conceded that what I think is the best is not always right and so three years after buying the desk we have joyfully decided it is a creative zone and I will no longer try to police it into staying neat and tidy. Studying will continue to be done on the floor/spare room/ downstairs with the in-tray being returned to the study organiser unit at the end of each day. 

This parenting journey is one of constant learning and flexibility and boy do I feel bent at times! Taking deep breaths and counting to ten as we continue walking forward in this teenage terrain...

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