Friday, November 07, 2014

07:11:14 Rusks

Sian has a South African friend who introduced her to some foods that are normal to her family but unknown to ours. Sians favourite discovery was rusks, hard baked biscuits that you dip in tea for breakfast. Every year Aldi do a South Africa week and we stock up but sadly the stash doesn't last forever. This week I was driving near to an international food warehouse. I had about ten minutes to spare before I needed to be somewhere so I pulled in and searched for them. Although I couldn't find the buttermilk ones Sian loves I found similar ones and surprised her with them. Isn't it funny how something relatively small and inexpensive can be worth its weight in gold. I wish I could have bottled the big hug I got from Sian when I surprised her!

P.S. If Granma Ouma every finds herself reading this blog post we are SO open to writing anything you want about your wonderful food in return for a lifetime supply of breakfast rusks... just sayin'...!

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