Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bargain heaven!

I'm a bargain kind of a girl. I'm not a big fan of paying full price if I can possibly help it. I have been known to buy things because of how reduced they were not because we needed them.

I'm so unimpressed by 10% off.
Don't try to tempt me with 20%.
30% and you are starting to get my attention.
By 50% I'm really listening.

I have had a great food processor. I used it a few times a week until finally it gave up. It died spectacularly in a fizz of sparks and a puff of smoke. My Dad was in the kitchen and I asked him if he thought it was fixable? One sniff of the burning motor and he had to agree that it appeared to have self cremated. We went shopping this weekend for sports shoes for all three kids (How can three of them develop holes in their soles on the same week? Conspiracy?) As we walked past the kitchen electrical section in Target Byron reminded me that I needed to replace my singed gadget. I looked along the shelf with vague interest until I saw it... the "Clearance" sticker!

My radar zoned in and in milliseconds I had my nose pressed against the shelf edge ticket reading up on the bargain I knew I was going to be bringing home with me. It was a fancy looking processor, a larger motor than my old one and a larger volume bowl. It was marked at $129 but no mention of its original price.

Out came the mobile phone and within seconds Byron had worked out that the recommended retail price for this Breville beauty was $280. At that moment I bonded with my new toy and clutched it to my chest throwing filthy looks at any shopper who dared to walk anywhere down my aisle or look at my new gadget.

Being the last one on the shelf and out of its original box it was quite a feat to drag it and its box and all its blades and accessories up to the till. I walked up to the customer service desk and asked if I could check that all accessories were accounted for. While there I casually mentioned that as my soon-to-be-mine processor was out of its box was there any small chance that it would be reduced? The cheek of me! It was already less than 50% of the original price. I held my breath and tried to look casually nonchalant. "Sure" she said, "I can knock another 30% off" I nearly jumped over the counter to hug her. My poker face melted as I grinned and passed over my card.

You've got to love days like these.

.........Sorry, I've got to go.

I'm sure something in my kitchen needs pulverising!

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  1. What a bargain ~ and quite a beauty too! I bet you did a dance of celebration all the way out to your car! :)

  2. Thou shall not covet thy blog friend's amazing food processor. I absolutely love that you asked for another discount (and got it). Way to go! Oh, and I think that holes in the soles of shoes are contagious. One shoe gets a hole and then it spreads like the plague.

  3. I am so envious of the deal you managed to get even though I don't think I would ever use a food processor. Almost everything is better when it's on sale and like you it has to be at least 40 to 50% off for me to pay attention.

    Now ... I hope you're going to demonstrate what your new beauty can do in the kitchen.

  4. Score!

    About the French Loaf: Yes, I'd never heard of it before, either. (Here, at least), it's in the refrigerated biscuits section--right by the refrigerated Pizza Crust, to be exact. I thought it sounded crazy, too, but it works wonderfully! I hope you find some! And thanks for your sweet comment! Enjoy your new gadget for pulverizing!

  5. Sah-WEET!!! I love me some good bargains! Congratulations on negotiating well. Do you have your next conquest in mind yet? I am also in need of a food processor (ours died right before our move to Japan) but I can't bring myself to pay full price for the Cuisinart at the PX. I'll be keeping my eye out for a sale. Wish me luck!

  6. I am soooo envious!!!! I don't have a food processor. I live a deprived lifestyle. :(

    I came close recently. I spotted an Ainsley Harriet on sale but was too late, they'd sold out.

    That model looks 'the biz' - hope it does as good service as your last one. :)

  7. Sale is NOT a four letter word.

    Try pulsating wheat grains and throw it into your next batch of rolls. Then call your friend, Nancy, who will be right over.

    {But don't call her during her summer. She only wants to look at Gina's new gadget when she can enjoy Gina's sun}.

  8. Gina, that's great!!! What a deal. Share your recipes after you've pulverize! I might need you and your poker face to be my personal shopper!

  9. Way to go Bargain Queen on that side of the world anyway!!! Wouldnt expect anything less from you Mrs B. Miss our "bargain hunting" shopping days together.Love to all