Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Disgruntled Valentine.

Byron used Facebook to hint at something today. Something that nearly resulted in divorce papers being served in our house. Apparently he mentioned in work that he was getting me something for Valentines Day and it sparked a discussion about whether it was necessary to buy gifts once you were married.... He seems to think the general work consensus was that you only buy gifts when you are in the dating stage. This was effectively what he put as his Facebook status. I think the words "stitched up like a kipper" made it in somewhere too.

I saw red.

Not fuzzy cute red hearts.

Just red-don't-you-dare-consider-not-buying-me-some-little-token-of-how-much-you-love-me-the-mother-of-your-three-kids-and-the-woman-who-most-nights-puts-a-meal-on-the-table-in-front-of-you-picks-up-your-dirty-socks-and-magically-refills-your-undies-drawer.

He just looked at me and tried really hard not to laugh. I could see his mouth trying so hard not to turn up at the corners into a full-on smile. I knew he was thoroughly enjoying watching me get all worked up. I tried to act all cool, calm and collected. From the twinkle in his eyes I knew I was failing.

I told him that if once a year he had an opportunity to tell me how much he loved, valued and appreciated me he should grasp it with both hands (and his wallet) He told me it shouldn't take expensive gifts to tell me that. He told me that every day he showed me how much he loved me in the small gestures that make up our normal life.

I glared at him and asked him for a concrete example.

He passed me a nice hot cup of tea in my favourite mug.

He grinned.

He won.

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  1. Just Like his father

  2. Sorry....have to agree with Byron on this one. I would much rather have the little things all year long than a once a year reminder. :)

  3. I am still laughing.......hilarious!

  4. So funny Gina!! I really don't buy into this little holiday- just say the words and that's enough for me. He did win over there you know! What a funny guy! What a lucky girl!

  5. So what kind of car are you getting out of it?

  6. Hi Gina, thank you for calling in again, great to see people coming back. :-)

    I had to laugh at this one....We had a similar debate a few years ago..I could believe it..but in the end my hubby won too! There are the other 51 weeks in the year :-) I would rather it be a day he chose..not because it says too!! Also it is our wedding anniversary 27th February so I would rather go for that date, maybe something extra special!!

  7. What a cute story! I love gifts of service far better than diamonds and flowers.

    I love a man who does little things for me just because he cares about my comfort.

  8. I'm totally spoiled on a daily basis Gina but that's because we just have one another now that the children are grown. Having said that I've always had a romantic husband who made a great effort for special occasions. I'm afraid I would urge you to sulk and cut back services if Byron can't be a superhero on Valentines Day.

    BUT you don't mention if YOU will you be pulling out all the stops for him????? :)

  9. Sorry Gina we don't do it either i would rather Simon do something nice because he wanted to not because he had to the little comforts are so much more important. Karen

  10. Funny story. I'm sure you will both laugh about it for years to come.

  11. Cute story! I bought Adam a small gift last night. Not knowing, he rummaged through the bag to see what I had picked up at the store, and found his gift in the process. That always seems to happen. I was so disappointed!

  12. Laughing out loud...

    What a fun exchange, now me on the other hand would want to know what darling hubby had done if he remembered V-day!

    Hope you get something fabulous! Kim