Sunday, February 07, 2010

Goodbye is never easy.

For the last 7 weeks we have had family staying with us from overseas so I have tried to concentrate on them and spend a little less time on-line and keep blogging to a minimum. Normally we pack our blog full of happy stories and smiling photos. Life is not always perfect and we decided long ago to treat our blog like a record of the good times and not always the sad ones so forgive us if we have been a little quiet recently.

While my family were here we tried to find a balance between keeping our normal family routines with our kids and spending time catering to the entertaining, feeding and interacting with our visitors. It was a time of catching up and letting grandparents get to know the people our kids had grown into in the 2 years since the last visit and acknowledging the changes that are taking place as my parents grow older. The word emotional is an understatement.

It was a difficult weekend as we said goodbye. Goodbyes are always hard but are made even harder by the distance involved and by the guilt that we carry for having made the choice to emigrate.  As we sat on the train home from Sydney airport the kids were very subdued. The weather seemed to be in-tune with our feelings as the rain trickled down the windows of the carriage.

Safe journey Mum and Dad....

We love you loads.

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  1. aww sorry! iKnow exactly how u feel...♥
    nice capture!

  2. Ahhhh...sending a big hug. I know what you mean about the guilt....while not as far away as you are, I experienced it each time I left to go back to Denver. Perfect image for the day.

  3. Ugh! You are tugging at my heartstrings, now. SO hard to have an ocean between you and those you love. I usually try not to think about it...and things like blogging, Facebook and Vonage phones help...but some days it hits me...I am SOOO far from home. *HUGS*

  4. I can identify girl.......smooches....

  5. Must be very hard for you all being so far away..but to be honest I do not see my grandchildren often, one lives in Scotland with his mum, and with school hols etc it just doesn't work out.

  6. Aw Gina, this fills my eyes up. Best wishes to you all.