Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami warning.

After the earthquake in Chile yesterday there was a tsunami warning to many countries including the East coast of Australia. The Australian Government warned against going in the sea because of unusual currents and even advised people to stay off the sand in case of freak waves. We woke early this morning and watched the news coverage of the damage in Chile. It was a miracle that there were relatively low numbers of deaths for an earthquake of such magnitude. *Update* When I wrote this the reports were of 150 deaths but now the numbers are rising and look like they will be much greater.

Since we were up so early we decided to bring our breakfast in the car and to drive to the top of a high cliff to look down on the sea in safety. The kids had some raspberry smoothies and Byron and myself had big travel mugs of coffee along with a bag of croissants we grabbed from our local bakers on the way.

Despite the warnings and red flags on the beach there were lots of surfers in the water and plenty of people walking and jogging on the beach. Even the salt water swimming baths next to the sea had young children swimming in them. It made us wonder if people were unaware or just not worried.

We felt safer staying up on raised ground. It was very relaxing and to be honest we didn't see any large wave activity at all. It did feel good to be out of the house so early and we agreed we should try to do it again before winter descends.

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  1. So beautiful there Gina!

  2. There you are again in that sundress at the beach! Oh, how I miss the sun and the beach........wiggle your toes in the sand for me......glad you are safe......

  3. Such a beautiful area! And, I've got to admitt, I'm a bit envious of your sundress & sandal weather! We're in that dreary, damp, transitional non-season between winter & spring right now.

  4. I was watching a report on the tsunami in Hawaii and noticed that Australia had a warning themselves. I immediatetly thought of you and yours and am glad to hear all is well in the Land Down Under! :)