Monday, February 15, 2010

"Flower press" by Rhiannon

Hi, This is Rhiannon,
I bought a flower press with some money that my Granny gave me. It came as a plain wood colour and they gave you some paints in the box so I could decorate it myself. I painted a flower on mine. I think it looks good. I have put some small purple flowers in it today. Have you ever done this with flowers? Do you know how long until they are ready? And also, do you have any cool ideas what to do with the flowers when they are squished?
Rhiannon xoxo

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  1. Hi Rhiannon! My sister in law, Lynn, does pressed flowers all the time. She is a master gardener, who grows beautiful flowers and dries many! Her advice is this...

    Use two pieces of the white paper, or any thick stock paper. This will keep your flowers from getting the crinkled look from the card board pieces! Lynn has even used newspaper for this purpose!

    Tighten the screws till just snug... do not over tighten. Every day tighten a bit more.

    Thin flowers usually take at least 2 weeks. Thicker flowers longer.

    Lynn makes beautiful things with her flowers. She has done name plagues, hearts, wedding invitation keepsakes and so much more!!

    I will post a picture of one she made on my blog for you!! I love you art work on the top of your press... you are so talented!! What a fun hobby to begin!! Good for you!!

  2. You can use clear contact paper and make bookmarks or placemats, etc. with them.

    What a fun thing to buy with your money!

    With love and hope,
    We are Nine

  3. Rhiannon,

    I know nothing about pressing flowers, but it looks like fun! I like the picture you PAINTED. (My son just hit the CAPS button. Oops!) Once I bought my mom a picture frame with pressed wildflowers from Yosemite, California. They were pressed between glass around the border. I'm excited to see what you make!

    Love, Dana (& Zach)

  4. Hello Rhiannon,

    I'm sorry I don't have much to offer you on pressing your flowers, but it appears that Diana had some wonderful advice. When I was younger, I would put flowers between a folded piece of paper and stick it away in a large book for a long time. I think your flower press is beautiful and you will make beautiful things with the flowers.

  5. How lucky are you Rhiannon! I immediately thought of making pendants - my brain doesn't work for anything other than jewellery. :)

    Here are a few links:

    If you go to the crafts section of Martha - and type in pressed flowers there are loads of super projects.

    Have fun - looking forward to the photo's of the finished items. :)